Liverpool Welcomed Barcelona To Abattoir

Many thought it’s by horses or chariots but it’s God who rules in the affairs of men, you can see the over confidence when they took off from Spain.  They were prepared for another finals again in 2019 but God executed another plan. 
Barcelona bought tickets to anfield- the Liverpool home but unfortunately, they were dropped in abattoir  (the Liverpool slaughter ground). I hope the lousy and noise Barca fans will learn from this that it’s not of he that willeth nor he that runneth but it’s God who shows mercy.
They were carried away by those men on their side, Messiless Messi,  toothless Suarez, on a night of football shame for Barcelona. Liverpool was without their best players Mo. Salah, and Brazilian bad boy in Roberto Firmino. 
I guess Barcelona forgot their knife when visiting abattoir, and they were shocked by the numbers of Liverpool butchers available, of cause the faces weren’t familiar. The Liverpool butchers present tonight looked inexperienced but they slaughtered all Barcelona cows.
Lesson: the mighty are falling owing to overconfidence. 
Who has be lived the report? And to who is the hand of God revealed? It’s the only time the scripts reveals two questions that answers each others. Question 2 answered Question 1. The hand of God is revealed to him that believes the report. 
I pray for you that you will not return home with shame like Barca.
Good night. 

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