12 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Date And Marry A Teacher

They’re not just great friends but they also make great lovers probably b’cus they’ve acquired so many skills from their career on how to relate with people.

Aren’t these reasons great enough to convince you to get a teacher as your fiancé?

1. THEY ENJOY MORE HOLIDAYS  ? We all love holidays and teachers enjoy quite some good holiday time. They’re just some of the luckiest professionals who can enjoy up to three holidays in a year. So if you need a partner with whom you can travel the world with, a teacher is best.

2. THEY’RE GREAT WITH KIDS ?Teachers are generally great with kids b’cus they deal with kids every day. If you have kids already, dating or marrying a teacher is ideal and most likely your kids will love them.

3. THEY’RE SELFLESS ? Being a teacher calls for putting a side your personal needs first to cater for those of your students. So, if you date a teacher, you can be sure that they will always sacrifice their energy and time just for your sake.

4. THEY’RE DISCIPLINE ?If you marry a teacher, you can be certain that your kids will be the most disciplined in the home and society. If you suck at disciplining, then your teacher partner will take care of that.

5. THEY’RE PATIENT ?They’ve dealt with slow learners and they will push a kid to the end without losing their temper. The same case, they will be patient with you and as long as the wait is worth it, they won’t mind.

6. THEY’RE GREAT AT PROBLEM SOLVING ? Being teachers, they solve so many problems brought to them by students and even parents. You can count on them to help you come up with a solution to that problem you feel like is so mountainous.

7. THEY’RE NOT INTO MONEY ? Teaching is one job that people do out of passion but not really for money. And even with the not so much money they get, they still love their job. They are not used to much money and will not push you to go rob a bank to sustain their high standards of living.

8. THEY LOVE DRESSING ?Teachers are role models to the children and society. Therefore they’re into fashion and love dressing. If your partner is a teacher, then you don’t have to worry about your dressing

9. THEY’RE GOOD IN EXPRESSION ? When it comes to sharing ideas and knowledge about anything you want, teachers are good. If your partner is a teacher then you don’t have to worry about how to express yourself in public

10. THEY LOVE PAMPERING ? Teachers love to pamper their students to take their studies serious. This makes it lovely to see teachers over pampering their partners in relationships and marriage.

11. THEY LOVE TO SACRIFICE ? Teachers sacrifice their time, energy, and money to make sure their students achieve their dreams in future. With this you don’t have to worry about your future when dating a teacher.

12. THEY NEVER GIVE UP ON THEIR STUDENTS ? Teachers make follow up on their students to make sure they become responsible citizens in  future. The same way a teacher will never give up on you but always make follow up on you every day to make sure you’re OK


This Is A Tribute To All Teachers.