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Disruptive Thinking During the Worldwide Recession

“It’s not the strongest that survives, nor the foremost intelligent; it’s those that adapt to vary ,” may be a quote famously attributed to biologist Darwin . While nobody actually knows who made these remarks, for little businesses and sole traders, the message is crystal clear. 
All businesses must adapt to survive a recession, because the world has changed. The economic pain may continue for an extended time. Recessions are often local events or international earthquakes, like the 1929 Wall Street Crash or the 2008 Financial Crisis. 
All recessions are tough on small businesses, with global downturns affecting many people worldwide. they're especially hard if you’ve invested time and capital in a thought , just for the economy to collapse. For you and therefore the staff you use , it can desire the planet has pulled the rug from underneath you.
In this article, we’ll show you ways heuristic can assist you overcome the recession and adapt to a fast-changing world.
What is a Recessio…

How much does it cost to Have a Blog in Nigeria 2020 and beyond?

I have tons of individuals who have an interest in creating their own blog but don't skills to travel about it.

e.g. what proportion is involved & what and what's needed to form it work, etc

Cool stuff.

So what proportion does it cost to have a Blog in Nigeria right now?

Great question.

If you’re among those asking this same question then you’re within the right post.

Here is what i will be able to do:

I will not only break down the value and what you would like , i will be able to also provide a V.I.P-only and personal video for you on the way to setup the blog in half-hour , so your blog can come live.

Meanwhile, you would like to know that, on this particular post, I’m not teaching you ways to form money from blogging, this post will only break down the value and the way you'll own a blog.

If you would like a step by step guide the way to make money from blogging, am not offering that at the instant , but I can recommend a really good fellow Nigerian who will coach you till success so you'll start earning between N250,000 to N2.5Million+ Per Month through blogging, go enroll in his Blog Cash University.

So let’s start .

How much does it cost to have a Blog in Nigeria 2020?

Without wasting much of some time I’ll just go straight to what you wish to listen to .

But before then; i prefer to be very transparent to my lovely readers.

For your information and just just in case you don’t know yet, at the instant I even have about 2 active blogs. – this is often often my primary and first blog and this is where I built authority, made tons of friends because I share many blogging related posts, the way to rank blogs on Google to drive traffic and make money from blogging etc.

Though I not post regularly to the above blog but it’s still active and that i get tons of individuals visit daily for information and solution to their problems.

and the second is the one you’re currently reading now.

Here I offer the way to make money online and that i focus mainly on the Nigerian audience.

That’s it.

If you would like something like and, it’s not hard in the least .

You can found out within jiffy of following the instructions during this post.

A lot of you'll say “Prosper, issokay, please let’s just get started” haha.

Okay, let’s start on the way to own a blog.

Follow below carefully;

Again, confirm you follow and implement this carefully.

I like to point out what works personally on behalf of me .

What you need;
A Domain Name
A Hosting Package
First things first;

1. you would like a website .
That’s what people type in their browser, whenever they need to go to your blog.

e.g. or or 

A .com domain costs around $8.88 maximum per annum on namecheap hosting company.

As seen below;

how to buy domain in nigeria

Take note.

2. you would like a Hosting Package
This is the most thing and it’s what is going to bring your blog live.

It’s where your files are going to be hosted before anyone will ready to visit your blog.

The hosting company i exploit for all of my blogs is Namecheap, they’re one among the simplest .

Namecheap offers discount for brand spanking new customers, so hosting costs around $29.28 for your first year and each other year, you pay $57.88 as seen below;

how much does it cost to have a blog in nigeria

That’s for his or her Stellar Plus package and that i recommend it for blog starters.

If you calculate everything; Domain costs $8.88 + $29.28 = $38.16

Yes, $38.16 is enough for you to have a blog in Nigeria as soon as possible.

$38.16 is like just N13,775.76 blog nigeria Even but N15,000 Cool stuff right?

So that’s it.

13,775.76 Naira will get you a blog quickly.

If you've got this at hand directly and would really like to make your own blog, then follow the below video I made on the way to create a blog in Nigeria in half-hour using Namecheap.

You’ll see me get the hosting, domain, and convey the blog LIVE.

NOTE: This video you’re close to watch is an exclusive, V.I.P only and a personal video I made as a bonus for a few of my subscribers who purchased a specific product I recommended within the past.

Take it seriously.

I pray none of them sees this post, they’ll get mad at me for sharing the video here…. hahaha lol.

I want you to profit , that’s why am offering it on this post.

Below is it; be happy to observe and implement to urge your blog created in half-hour .

Below are links to some things i discussed within the video

Click Here to Namecheap (As mentioned within the video)
Click Here to Enroll in Blog Cash University (As mentioned within the video)
As explained within the video above, what you only need is

Get your name 
Get hosting
Install WordPress
and boom, you’re good to travel .
If you watched that video above and implemented, your blog should be setup.

I’ve come to the top of the post.

Also be happy to let me know if you've got any question.

So.. what proportion does it cost to have a Blog in Nigeria immediately in 2020?

Just $$38.16 like N13,775.76

I have to warn you though;

Creating a blog is extremely easy but making money from that blog is where the important deal is.

You have to understand the steps, follow the proper guide, the proper coach or mentor, to become successful.

That’s why tons of bloggers quit just few months of making their blog and got nothing to point out for it.

Some even wasted years, this is often because they are doing not have a proven formula.

You can’t just create a blog and expect it to start out fetching you thousands or many Naira monthly.

If you would like to urge serious and take blogging as your business, make tons of cash , then your best bet are going to be to urge a teacher that’ll walk you thru everything step by step, someone who knows what he’s doing.

Right now I’m not offering any mentorship or training, so i like to recommend you go enroll for my Friend, Joe Okoro’s coaching Program called the Blog Cash University.

That’s all you would like to succeed.

Wish you all the simplest .

Again, let me know if you've got any question.


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