It’s no longer a story that most young and civilised people in the world undergo some stress in either their place of work, home or even at some place of relaxation with friends or relatives they come encounter with.

Scientists researched and concluded that most stress people undergo is not just an ordinary stress but most at times some are mental stress which is more harmful in the human system

Have you ever asked yourself why you go to place of work from 6:am to 6pm every day?

Did you ever realised how dizzy and fatigued you found yourself when you return from your place of work.?

There are several stress and in this write up we will surely discuss how to man over this so as to not be victimized in it when we found ourselves in it.

Below in this post will enlighten the word above and the write up will as well empower every civil servant; not only civil servant but every human on how to optimise his or herself when it has something to do with stress or pressure in every area or condition we might be.

Now here are the list on how to How to control Stress and avoid depression (A health tip)


This is the major issue one has to tackle when it has something to do with stress, sometimes you will realise that you work but you couldn’t have time for yourself to take care of some domestic work at your home, that’s the work of improper plan. A nice plan will determine you and give you the strength to overcome stress.


When working towards bearing a stress you should never forget to have a proper time planning, you can’t work in a stressful environment when you dont have a proper time and coverage for yourself. If you couldn’t practise this number two of this content and put it into practice, then you will find it more difficult to work under stress and this will make you feel much stressful and depressed at your area or field of work.


When trying to optimise the preasure and stress you have to grab this in your mind.

Always have a target of what to achieve and make sure you meet upto your target. Rectify the area you’re good in and always try your best to do well on it, dont waste your time in running up and down and the day will come to an end without you achieving anything. Always set your target for the day and work towards it, if it’s possible you can write it down so you wont forget it so easily

The continuation of this content will be updated soonest as possible kindly stay tuned.

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