Sometimes you wonder why some new channel has more views than some old ones. The secret will be revealed soon. To grow your YouTube channel use this 3 best sites.

Getting more audience is the best way to grow a channel. However, channels with good suggestions money have been invested.

Today, I will tell you 3 good sites that you can run a very good promotion most especially in Nigeria.

First, promotion on YouTube and Google. This is one of the most effective ways to run a promotion and get a good audience and subscribers.

Google promotion boasts the YouTube Algorithm, thereby having more suggested videos to new viewers. What I mean is that whenever you upload a video, YouTube will recommend your video to different users or viewers.

Second, Nairaland is another platform that gains massive traffics for YouTubers and Bloggers.

I have a friend who used the Nairaland platform to promote his YouTube channel the result was so good.

Another good platform for YouTube promotion is Facebook. YouTube pays you even when the Facebook promotion is still on.

Use any of these three platforms to grow your YouTube channel and see the increase in your daily views.

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