This article is for beginners, it is a guide on how to start a YouTube channel, create videos and upload the video on your channel.

An Android phone will make you 100% successful on YouTube. However, many have it but still don’t know how to create videos and upload them on your channel.

Well, it is easy to start your YouTube with or without money. Every phone has a recorder, record what you want to say.

For instance, you want to talk about politics, Joe Biden, precisely. Record your voice when you are done, go to Google and download Biden pictures.

Download vlogit, arrange the pictures and add the voice you recorded then save.

Creating a YouTube channel is an easy step, just create a Google Account, download the YouTube app and sign in.

After signing in, you will see a plus (+) sign, click on it then click on create and choose the video and that is all.

Note, every video must have a topic or a title. Before you click on upload, write your title, create a playlist, choose if the video is made for kids or not.

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