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    Date: 24th January 2020, 9:15 pm
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5 Reasons Why The Naira Marley Case Might Be More Serious Than You Think


The Naira Marley case is one that is at present the most sweltering substance in media outlets and even outside of it.

The vocalist showed up in court out of the blue prior today since his capture by the EFCC on Friday tenth of May, 2019 regarding web misrepresentation nearby Zlatan and three different folks.

Be that as it may, the issue had a very surprising turn when four of the five captured folks were discharged incorporating Zlatan with Naira Marley the just a solitary one remanded in authority. Reports have it that the explanation behind this is on the grounds that the proof found against Naira is one that is overpowering, making it hard for him to be discharged.

Reports later turned out that the EFCC have documented 11 charges against the vocalist in which he argued not blameworthy to, in court prior today.

In the mean time, there are reports by an area of the media about Naira’s case not being a genuine one, which would mean an inevitable opportunity for him. Be that as it may, we think uniquely in contrast to those sentiments as we feel the case may very well be a more genuine one than what is being suspected.

We have featured five reasons beneath why we figure Naira Marley’s case may very well be a difficult issue which may deny him opportunity for a long, long time.

  1. While appearing in court today, Naira looked really cold, bothered and devoured of any iota of enthusiasm.
  2. Naira’s mother was seen crying in the court premises where her son was being arraigned. This is a serious sign that the case might be getting out of hands.
  3. Naira Marley’s case might be the subject of some ‘underground’ power houses in the judicial sphere who want him nailed and used as a scape-goat for others to learn from.
  4. Naira’s high history of arrest in the United Kingdom might portray him as a thorough criminal to the Nigerian Judicial players, thereby increasing their thirst to seeing the singer jailed.
  5. Naira’s past ‘claim of immunity’ to the law in his song (“Am i a yahoo boy”) could send him down the drain.