5 Ways To Keep A Man


1. Trust him with all your heart.
If you want to keep your man, don’t treat him like just another guy who is unworthy of your trust. Most girls don’t trust guys because of the general knowledge that men could not be trusted. If you trust your man, it will not only make him feel special and distinct from other guys, but it will also make you special in his eyes.

2. Have fear of losing him.
If you want to keep your man, don’t act like it’s just okay to lose him. Treasure him and make him feel valued. Show him how much you want him to be kept in your life. But of course, don’t make it too much that you become too insecure and possessive.

3. Love yourself.
If you want to keep your man, show him that his presence in your life brings growth and goodness to yourself. Take good care of yourself no matter what. Don’t hurt yourself and blame the pain to him.

4. Have faith in him.
If you want to keep your man, be confident in him. Believe in him. Make him feel that he’s reliable and dependable. He’s the man anyway.

5. Make him feel handsome.
If you want to keep your man, don’t make him feel ugly. Make him realize that you are physically attracted to him – and only to him. That kind of special attraction would surely make him stick to you.

6. Make him feel he’s the only one.
If you want to keep your man, never ever cheat – or even think of cheating. Men protect their ego so badly that they may even want to leave a woman in advance before she even commits cheating if they feel she’ll likely do it.


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