6 Healthy Financial Habits To Start In Your 20s, To Be Financially Buoyant In Your 30s

 Being amongst people who, in their 20s wine and dine with friends about how broke they are is not a place you’re suppose to be.

Your 20s is supposed tone used to plan and create financially sufficiency you crave in life. It is the time to you get started, know what is wrong and right; a time to know what will work and wouldn’t.

1. Educate Yourself About Money

Getting financial education in your 20s is one of the best things you will be glad you have in your subsequent years of living. 

Stop complaining of how hard it is to get money. Read financially book, study wealthy individuals; no rich person will voluntarily reveal the secret behind how they make their money.

2. Have An Emergency Fund

During in 20s inculcating the habit of having an emergency fund, this is something that should be slightly be different from your savings.

You could preferably set up a fixed account where you can put in a fixed price, no matter how little is, once it’s accumulate over time, it should be enough to cater for emergency projects.

If you make this a habit in your 20s, it will be much more easier in subsequent years of your life.

3. Don’t Treat Money The Way Others Do

A lot of treat money like normal things, when you ask them, do you know about money? They tend to laugh, the question will seem funny or embarrassing to them. While in reality they do; you shouldn’t be one of them.

It you wouldn’t want to learn to swim the day you found yourself in the middle of the sea, don’t make use of money without understanding the psychology behind it.

Common ways people treat money include, NEEDING money instead of ATTRACTING it, knowing the PRICE of things and not its VALUE, not UNDERSTANDING how inflation eats their money. Be different when it comes to money, don’t fear it; understand it.

4. Tailor A Budget That Can Works For You

One of the reasons you should make your finance your personal business is that, your WANTS and NEEDS is different from that of others, hence, difference in price and perceived value.

5. Set Financial Goals

Make setting financial goals an integral part of you. Know what you want, and how much it’s going to cost.

Your twenties is an amazing time where you have time and more freedom; make the most of it. If you’re able to set good financial goals and follow through, in your 30s, you’ll be one of the people who are ahead in life.

6. Be Selfish With Your Money

This might sound harsh, or heartless, but trust me it will always remains one of the best financial advise anyone will ever give you.

Emotions can be tricky at times, when you’re saving for your tomorrow, a lot of things will appear.

Things like you want to have something simply because you WANT it (Not Need It), or your friends needs money to do something real quick or other things that deal with emotions.

This is what I mean when I say you should be selfish with your money in your twenties. Be deliberate on how you spend, save and use your money.

Be strong and discipline enough to make money work for you, how to use it to achieve your financial goals and how to use it to create your desired life.

Final Notes

Have all these in place in your 20s and see how ahead you are in life. Take control of your financial life early, and see how easy it is to handle money.

It will mean a lot of me if you do any of liking, commenting, sharing or following me. I hope you’ve learnt a thing or two.

Thanks for reading.

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