A must read for everyone: To die poor is the greatest crime

Dont stop where yor father stop, stand up, you can achieve the unthinkable if you can just determine, To be born poor is not a crime but to die poor is the greatest crime committed to humanity, what you know does not matter,what do is what you know. Generally, in africa, we the youths are not creative enough even when we know that our government is not encouraging us. If we all determine to solve a major problem in our various communities,wealth is inevitable then. The road map to success is not easy but we have to make up our minds, if it will take me to go two steps backward so as to hit my major goals, why not?fuck the certificate we carry when you cant replicate it to money, do you know why you advice the rich and they dont listen to you?its because they ask themselves, oh you are these wise yet am rich and you are poor, the battle for relivance should start now my people, its a call to moral reawakening.. I love you all.