Activist blames protesting youths, suggests best ways to channel grievances


A United Nations peace Ambassador and social activist, Hassan Adamu has advised protesting Nigerian youths to channel their grievances through various social media platforms rather than causing havoc and unsettling the country in the guise of End SARS movement.

The UN Peace Ambassador spoke to journalists in Owerri on Thursday while reacting to the week-long protest by Nigerian youths which has led to wanton destruction of lives and property.

He said the youths would have been given better attention if they had resorted to the use of social media platforms as a means of conveying their message, condemning in its entirety the barbaric act of setting public offices and police stations on fire.

“It is agreeable that the youths are fighting a just cause and their voices have been heard. The President had earlier ordered for the immediate disbandment of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad as they demanded, yet, they refused to stop the protest.

“This goes to show that the protests may have been sponsored by some individuals to destabilize the government.

“Much as I urge the government to ensure good governance to the people, I advise that the protesting youths sheathe their war swords and look for better ways of expressing their grievances.

”Taking to the streets and causing havoc will only unsettle the government and put the people in confusion.” he added.

DAILY POST learnt that Adamu hails from Sokoto State and is a member of Association of Cows Butchers in Imo State.


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