African Men Are Not Romantic At All; Only Good In Bed – Reverend Ransford Obeng

Reverend Ransford Obeng, who attacked African men in his most recent message, expressed that they are just great in bed and they are not sentimental by any means.

The author and head minister of the Calvary Charismatic Center (CCC), who hammered African men over their unromantic frame of mind towards ladies particularly their wives, said it is uncalled for.

He said,
“In Africa, when a man and his wife are from farm, you see the woman carrying a load of foodstuffs and at the sometime carrying a baby while the man follows her with a hoe. At home, the woman has to cook for the family and the man seen relaxing under shed. After the woman has cooked, the best part of the meal is served to the man.
The woman fetches water for the husband to bath. The woman has to go back to the kitchen to do cleaning of the cooking utensils. By the time she finishes, the man is already on bed with fresh energy. The moment the woman hits on the bed, the man then bounces back on her for s¢x”