Apply For The Yeein Start Up Grant 2019

As part of the efforts to provide financial and business skills to entrepreneurs, Yeein has announced the launch of its Yeein Start Up Grant 2019.


The yeein start up fund is of two stages.

Stage 1

Application form containing name, address, phone number, business name and address, competitors, why your business is different, how much you need, short brief on your business.

Stage 2

Successful applicants from stage 1 will be invited to commence stage 2. At this stage of application, applicants will upload business plans which must meet the standard of the organisation or use the YEEIN OO1 business plan form.

“In order not to take chances or risk missing out on the final stage, it’s advisable to use our yeein 001 form as all business plans will be reviewed by our team of professionals/experts”

Stage 3

Winners are invited to a Gala night where certificates and cheques are presented.


  • Are you a woman/man who owns and runs your own business?

  • Is your business innovative?

  • Do you need a grant to expand your business?

  • What about some expert training to help grow your business?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, the YEEIN 2019 is for you.