Balarabe Musa didn’t spend public funds on family as Kaduna gov – Son


Sagir, son of late Balarabe Musa, has disclosed that as Kaduna Governor, the deceased never spent public money on the family.

Musa, 84, was in office from October 1979 to June 1981 when he was impeached.

Sagir recalled that they did not feel bad about the removal.

He said they were not living in luxury and that the late politician was reluctant to move the family to Government House.

“I think being the state governor would be different but I knew it would be tough because of what he wanted to achieve and his passion for the weak, the poor and the downtrodden”, Sagir told The Nation.

He revealed that the impeachment did not affect Musa negatively because people were asking how he was able to defend what he stood for.

The son stressed that the development made him stronger and more popular among the masses.

Sagir added that everyone became more interested in what Musa had to say and he used that influence to fight for dignity of human being and good governance.

“As for us the family, his being a governor made no difference to us except that we moved from our private house to a bigger Government House. But Government House was not feeding us; our father was feeding us from his salary.

“He didn’t even want to move from our house but they said the house is accessible by two roads and is porous. For security reasons we had to move. So we moved to one of the Government Guest Houses in Alimi Road”, he said.


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