Campus saga Part 1( An irresistible true campus story)

Tunde was a 200Level mechanical engineering student at a federal university of technology somewhere in the Northern part of Nigeria. It’s a traditional for boys to go all out during the Freshers night to catch a new babe, has those already on campus are now exposed. Unfortunately for Tunde, all his toasting that night never materialized.

The following day, he decided to visit the remedial centre hoping this time, he can find a new babe, luck shined on him as he successfully convinced Maryann to date him.
Maryann was a remedial student hungry for relationship adventure, one could see it in her attitude towards Tunde. Everything started working fine at the beginning, by the beginning of the next session, Tunde now in 300level, Maryann now is 100level, Maryann decided to move in with Tunde since both stays off campus.

Towards the end of the first semester, the neighbours of Tunde will be hearing someone been beaten mercilessly in the middle of the night, and of cause as concerned neighbours, they will all dash out to Tunde’s door to find out what the problem was, but shockingly to their amazement, the same lady that was been beaten will be the one answering through the window saying “ sorry the cry was from the movie they are watching on the TV’ and of cause when you hear that, you will return to your room.

In the morning, neighbours always observed that Maryann’s eyes are swollen but what can you do when the lady you want to rescue keeps lying to you in the name of love for her guy? That devil is a bastard.
Soon, Tunde will be going for 6month industrial training just like internship, this often takes place second semester 400level. Tunde was desperate to send Maryann packing before he goes for Industrial training. And all efforts was in vain as Maryann was determined to die in the hand of a guy she loves. After several beatings and many more, Tunde came up with a satanic plan to end this relationship at all cost.

He decided to record the love tape of himself and Maryann but he smartly covered his own face unknown to Maryann that the love making marathon was recorded live by Tunde who used his laptop webcam.
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