Campus saga part 2(Tunde and Maryann story continues)

After the love making marathon, Tunde converted the love videos in smaller mobile size, took the video to the university campus and shared it among his friends. To further destroy Maryann’s image, he went to her department and shared the video among her female colleagues.

Soon, Maryann discovered that everyone was talking about her and were hidding something away from her, after awhile, a lady broke out a fight with Maryann and she use the avenue to insult her about her nude video that was widely spread like epidemic on campus, to Maryann’s amazement after watching her own video from a friends phone, she was shocked that her darling boyfriend sold her out to shame and reproach.

She felt like the ground should open and swallow her up, with full shame and shock, the took an irreversible decision that ended her educational journey on that campus.
She went straight to the student affairs department of the university to report what has just happened to her. After the careful investigation, the university governing body decided to give both Tunde and Maryann expulsion from the university.

Hence, they both end their academic journey untimely.
Love is not blind please, open your eye before you end up destroying yourself,
imagine you are Maryann, what will you do?
Imagine you are the parent to any of them, what will you do?

Please your feed back is important as many aspiring to go to the university will learn from you.