Dencia Feacts After Being Told She Would Get Cancer For bBeaching Her Skin

A concerned troll has cautioned vocalist Dencia of the results of her skin dying which she says is disease.

This was after the vocalist shared stunning photographs flaunting her late spring body.

She confessed to blanching when she inscribed the photos:

“Long neck, since quite a while ago legged faded bone African Ostrich

Summer body as long as I can remember.

What completes a winter body resemble surmise I’ll discover on the following scene of Dragon Ball”.

In reaction, the troll complained that her skin wasn’t looking healthy at all despite it glowing in the pictures.

Dencia fired back:

“You don’t know what a healthy skin looks like because you don’t mind your business and drink water”.

The troll replied:

“Dencia use to be so gorgeous with her dark skin but sis is brainwashed… Not only her… & her bleached followers too”.

The singer replied:

“You can’t beat us. You can’t join us. Misery is always looking for company to see a selfie with”.