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End SARS: Violent protest will no longer be allowed – Buhari



President Muhammadu Buhari has said violent demonstrations would no longer be tolerated in the country.

Buhari said this during his meeting on Tuesday with 36 governors while deliberating the issues raised on End SARS.

“We do not stop anyone from demonstrating, but you don’t set up roadblocks and smash windscreens. Which government will allow that?’’

Buhari disclosed that violent demonstrations would no longer be allowed, adding that “democracy does not mean confusion or lack of accountability’’.

He noted that the foreign press coverage of the End SARS violence was not balanced, citing specifically the CNN and BBC, for omitting the number of policemen killed, police stations that were razed, and the prisons that were thrown open for inmates to escape.

“I was disgusted by the coverage, which did not give attention to the policemen that were killed, the stations that were burnt, and prisons that were opened. (They said we are all at fault. We don’t have the sympathy of anyone. We are on our own).’’

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