Fan Mocks Actress, Moyo Lawal For Photoshopping Her Hips

Sadly, photoshop doesn’t appear to concur with one’s expectations constantly. Like each other Nollywood on-screen character, Moyo Lawal has been gotten in the altering net.

The normally enriched entertainer was discovered photoshopping her hips in one of her photographs.

Moyo Lawal dropped an image of herself on the gram and her supporters won’t quit discussing it.The wonderful on-screen character set out to post a delightful picture of herself, all she needed to do was put out the most ideal picture of herself.

She obviously taken a stab at utilizing a photograph application to upgrade her hips, however a door at the foundation endured the result.

She most likely seen that her hourglass figure wasn’t as articulated as it should be. She subsequently went to photoshop to look for comfort by upgrading the photograph. Presently her devotees are stating she had a photoshop fall flat would not quit hauling her on Instagram.

She subtitled the photograph,

“I know some people will still argue that , I was wearing a bra ?…. but it is only a woman that knows the father of her baby ? …. … …. p.s #Badass but you already know that ….. .. #ML”
Here’s what her fans are saying about the photo.