Fed Poly Ede suspends academic activities

Posted by Dende on 22nd October, 2020   |   Comments

This is to inform both staff and students of the polytechnic that due to the unrest sweeping through the country to which Osun State is not an exception, academic activities in the institution have been postponed for the meantime pending when the situation will improve. 

All students are advised to remain calm and stay in their halls of residence while those staying off-campus should avoid travelling for now in view of the situation across the country. 

Fed Poly Ede suspends academic activities

Members of staff are also advised to stay safe in their various residential/homes until the unrest is brought under control. Both members of staff and students will be briefed accordingly as events unfold. 

On behalf of the management of the polytechnic, please stay safe. 

Thank you 

Alhaji I.T Agboola


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