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    Date: 24th January 2020, 3:11 pm
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funny behaviour abroad

​Nigerian guy living in Sweden smartly married a Swedish Lady, so as to be legally certified with resident permit.​
​However, the lady was not aware of this.​
​He lied to the Lady that he is from Kenya because of the bad reputation of Nigerians in that part of Sweden..​
​After their wedding, the Lady informed him that she met her friend who is also married to a Kenyan & would like them to have diner together one day.​
​The Naija guy was disturbed & kept thinking how to get out of this?​
​He postponed & postponed the dinner until he got tired of postponing.​
​Finally, D-DAY came & they all sat down in a restaurant. Our Naija guy was quiet & was sweating profusely in spite of the cold atmosphere of Sweden (-8C).​
​The Ladies asked their husbands to communicate in their local dialect since they are both from same Country (Kenya).​
​The Naija guy being a man of great savvy decided he will just speak Yoruba, if the other guy didn’t understand, he will claim that he is from another tribe & region in Kenya.​
​Then he started… Joo, Ore mi, ki ni oruko e? Omo ibo ni e? The other Kenyan looked up & replied… Ah, Omo Iya mi, waa sere joo. Ade loruko mi. Omo Isale Eko ni mi!​
​They shook hands & embraced each other to the admiration of the Ladies.​
​Yorubas no dey carry last O!!!​
​Laugh wan kill me​
Lovely day