Work out. Ten laps.

Jaw ups. Look great.

Steam room. Dress warm.

Call home. Outside air.

Eat right. Rest well.

Sweetheart. Safe sex.

Sore throat. Long influenza.

Hard hubs. Be careful.

Test blood. Check cells.

Reds dainty. Whites low.

Dress warm. Eat well.

Short breath. Weariness.

Night sweats. Dry hack.

Free stools. Weight reduction.

Get frantic. Battle back.

Call home. Rest well.

Try not to cry. Assume responsibility.

No sex. Eat right.

Call home. Talk moderate.

Jaw up. No air.

Arms wide. Hubs hard.

Hack dry. Hang on.

Mouth wide. Drink this.

Take in. Inhale out.

No air. Take in.

Take in. No air.

Dark out. White rooms.

Head hot. Feet cold.

No work. Eat right.

Feline output. Jaw up.

Take in. Inhale out.

No air. No air.

Slim blood. Sore lungs.

Mouth dry. Mind gone.

A half year? Three weeks?

Can’t eat. No air.

Today? This evening?

It pauses. For me.

Sweet heart. Try not to stop.

Take in. Inhale out.