Honey relationship turns Bitter

Fred was an HND2 guy who was very popular among his peers for every wrong reasons, he was a cult Leader in his campus. He look friendly though but the gentility of a lion is not a sign of humidity but a calculated attempt to capture his prey.

Fred met chichi at a birthday party and they exchange numbers and soon, a relationship started. As at the time I visited chichi, months after her ordeals to console her, she told me that she dated Fred because she was looking for fame and protection on campus and she never thought  her life will be damaged. She belongs to the group of happening babes on campus.

No guy dare come close to chichi or cross her part for the fear of Fred who was a deadly court leader. She got away with any thing she does on campus, but unknowing to her that the law of karma was reloading and kept in view for her. When a bird is alive, it’s eat ants, but when a bird dies, ant eats the bird. What a world.

Chichi also has another secret lover , though not on the same campus, the guy was at the university in a near by town. The day came when cassava decided to eat the goat because goat has been eating cassava, no one talked but when cassava start to eat goat, people will start creaming misery.

Fred and his gang had an operation in another polytechnic in a near by state, Fred informed chichi of the trip and handed over the keys to his house to chichi, it was on a Thursday and he told chichi to expect him by Monday,  off he went. When Chichi realised that he was gone, she called the secret lover who was in another campus to come and keep her company for the weekend. The guy came Thursday night and were together until Friday night when he’ll was let loosed. At about 9pm on Friday night, August 2005 precisely, it’s happened.

Fred rushed back to town to fortify himself as the operation they went for was hotter than expected, he rush home to discover that his precious babe was been banged by another man inside his room and on his bed. He was in company of two of his boys. When he heard the pleasure ringing tone of his babe, his head was already hot. He forcefully opened the door and the guy making love with his babe ran out naked since it was night. His two guys followed him. Fred instructed Chichi to remain naked and that if she dare dress up, his going to waste her life. Out of fear and trembling, she obeyed.

Fred quietly locked the door outside and left, he went to see if the guy who ran out was caught. Sadly, the guy couldn’t have gone far because he was naked, while he was hiding, they caught him. That night, Fred and his guys murdered the guy and dumped the guy in a pit.
Fred returned home and brought out acid, specifically, concentrated Hydrochloric Acid (HCL), asked Chichi to open her vagina wide, Chichi begged and begged but no luck.

 She finally opened her vagina wide as I trusted when she saw the two other guys ready to force her if she doesn’t. Fred pour concentrated acid in her vagina and she screamed and fainted instantly. Fred fled immediately with his guys.

Chichi later got help and was rushed to the hospital, the doctors did their best to save her life but her vaginal and womb was already damaged.
The police has been looking for Fred since 2005 till now with no success, only God know where the son of devil Fred will be right now.

Chichi has since moved on with are life but are priced asset womb is gone.
Cheating, rage , bad gang, secret society only destroys, your parents send you to school to learn please face your studies. Apologies to chichi if she reads this her life story, just wanted people to learn from her life and besides, I want Nigerians to hear your story and raise up to help you.

If you are chichi or her family member, what will you do to get justice?

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