Ijaw Youths Make Solid Requests From Buhari Govt

The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide has requested the migration of the central station of the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs and the Presidential Amnesty Program (PAP) to the Niger Delta district immediately.

Talking on Tuesday on the last day denoting the 21st commemoration of the noteworthy Kaiama Declaration in Bayelsa, IYC President, Pereotubo Owelaemi, likewise approached President Muhammadu Buhari to likewise guarantee that the nation comes back to a genuinely government framework where states control their natural assets.

He contended that the two workplaces should not be being headquartered in Abuja, portraying it as a deviation, which must be corrected.b

“Much the same as NDDC is sited in the area, the service and the Amnesty Office can just viably work once they are migrated to the district. Those workplaces have no business positioned in Abuja.

“Progressive governments for as far back as 51 years have would not notice the prevalent requests of rebuilding, genuine federalism and asset control which are a panacea to tending to the injuries of the common war.

“For us in the Niger Delta, our complaints must be tended to just if the nation is rebuilt. We will never withdraw on our aggregate battle for the freedom of the district until we achieve our political autonomous.

All we request is asset control, genuine federalism and equivalent political support among the different ethnic gatherings that framed this league,” he clarified.

He asked Nigerians to return to the 1960 constitution where the districts had more prominent monetary forces than the focal government, taking note of that provincial self-governance was required for a legitimate policing of the nation.

He included: “On the developing instability in the nation, IYC is approaching the government to promptly start alteration of the constitution by reverting more powers to the states. We need state and network police to viably handle the danger”.

He additionally approached the central government to begin the development of the beach front roadway proposed by the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, taking note of that the seaside territories in the district were still terribly immature because of the troublesome territory.