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    Date: 24th January 2020, 9:32 pm
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Is Zlatan Right To Have Called Naira Marley A legend


The subject of cybercrime has been the drifting theme of dialog for a long time and has caused a considerable amount of discussions.

“Yahoo Yahoo” has progressed toward becoming standardized in the nation and many see no damage in it while some do. Some would state the individuals who do ‘Hurray Yahoo” are doing it due to the current circumstance in the nation, yet most of them strangely waste subsidizes they got from their “maga” on vehicles, garments, adornments and so on.

A few artistes have celebrated the demonstration and don’t consider it to be a wrongdoing and the main minister for ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ is Naira Marley. His most recent melody “Am I A Yahoo Boy” with Zlatan landed him in a major upset the EFCC.

Zlatan and others were discharged yet Naira Marley was left in guardianship of the EFCC as proof against him may be “Overpowering”

Be that as it may, Zlatan ibile has demonstrated no regret even as Naira Marley has been charged to court and is probably going to go to jail.

He even went the extent that discharging a melody titled “4Days In OkoTieeBoh”. The tune obviously gives subtleties of his involvement in authority of the EFCC also gotten out the individuals who squealed on him.

Toward the finish of the melody, he says not to pass judgment so effectively as nobody is flawless. It is very evident that Zlatan is attempting to legitimize Naira Marley’s wrongdoing which should be viewed as a distortion.

Based on my own viewpoint, web extortion is a wrongdoing and whoever is discovered blameworthy, ought to be arraigned meaning Naira Marley is no special case.

On the off chance that we are to be genuine with ourselves, Naira Marley isn’t a legend as against Zlatan’s sentiment in the melody “4Days In OkoTieeBoh” and ought to never be treated as one.

He has done nothing deserving of that status and this outrage alone has even drawn him aback as an individual not to consider him in the alliance of legends.

We should be exceptionally cautious about who we call a “Legend”. In the event that we are really to consider him a legend, where do we put the general population that are genuinely deserving of the status?

As adolescents, we have to think judiciously and sensibly so as to control the hazard influencing the nation not commend it.

Notwithstanding, this won’t at present prevent me from making a discussion with respect to Zlatan’s case that he and Naira Marley are youthful legends. Do you think he is correct?