Karma Confirmed

Law of Karma  (What ever you sow, you will reap) 

A True live Story

Many years ago in a secondary school in Nigeria, the school was mix, both day and boarding school, a junior student had some issues with one of his seniors, he did all within his capacity to beg the senior for forgiveness but the senior refused, in fact, he employed the services of his classmate and even some other seniors in the same grade (class) to beg these senior he refused.

The offense was that, he asked the junior to help carry is food from the dinning hall to the hostel, on his way, the junior slipped due to sloppy flow, he get injure and the food for the senior thrown into the sand, he decided to offer his food to the senior but he rejected, after all efforts to satisfy these senior was fruitless, the senior asked the junior to go and bring all is provisions which his parents bought for him, which the junior gladly brought, shockingly, the senior asked the junior to come along with all the things to the toilet which was a latrine toilet, he asked the junior to drop one by one his milk and all his provisions into the latrine, the junior did in tears and other seniors who were present kept begging their own colleague but he turned deaf ear.

After the junior did all that he asked of him, he then told the junior to lay flat on the floor, in frustration and wounds, the junior obey, he then gave the junior 12 strokes of the cane. After these, he was satisfied and he released the junior.

The senior graduated and based on the fact that he was born with a silver spoon, he went USA for his undergraduate degrees, some years later, the junior also graduated and went to a Nigerian university.
After graduating, the then junior got a job at the Nigerian immigration services.

Years later, the senior was coming home from America, while he landed at the airport, the junior who was now an immigration officer spotted him, he asked his boys to bully him by saying he was a drug dealer, the senior was busy bragging he was ‘gonna’ sue the immigration officer, the officers arrested him claiming he was carrying some cocaine in his luggage, before he realise he was in big shit, the officers had already put cocaine in his luggage, by the time his lawyer and everyone could lift a finger, the junior who is an immigration officer was already filling a report to be forwarded to the court of law, it was at this point he begged the officers in charge that he will love to be given a change to meet their boss but they refused, with all is money and Dollars in his pocket, he was in maximum detention for two good weeks, it was after the two weeks the immigration officer asked for the senior to be brought before him.

Finally he was brought before the boss, he went flat with face to the ground begging for mercy, the immigration boss asked him to get up, and he simply asked, are you not Mr Olayinka Ojerin, who graduated from a school in Ogun state? He said yes, he was, can your remember one junior Isaac whom you punished mercilessly and threw his provisions in the latrine? Suddenly he realises the man before him was the junior he bullied and oppressed  while in school, he begged for mercy that day like it was going to be his last day on earth, he was taken away.

The junior later dropped all charges against him and he was set free, instead of going home, he went straight to the school where he graduated as a bully, he begged that the student assembly be arranged and he made his confessions and advised the senior to stop bullying the juniors as no man knows tomorrow.

If you like, change, if you like don’t but be assured that the law of karma is waiting for you.
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