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Life isn’t an enigma to be comprehended, it is a puzzle to be lived

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When it occurred, an extraordinary executive of an extremely incredible head passed on. The head administrator was uncommon, very insightful, practically savvy, extremely clever, canny, an extraordinary negotiator, and it was exceptionally hard to locate a substitute.The entire kingdom was looked. Every one of the clergymen were sent to discover at any rate three individuals; at that point a ultimate choice will be taken and one of them will be picked.
For quite a long time the pursuit was on. The entire kingdom was looked; each alcove and corner was sought. At that point three people were found. One was an extraordinary researcher, a
extraordinary mathematician. He could understand any numerical issue, and science is extremely the main positive science — all sciences are its branches — so he was at
the root.

Another was an incredible logician, he was an extraordinary framework
creator: out of nothing he could make all. Simply out of words, he could make such lovely frameworks — it is a marvel, no one but logicians can do it. They don’t have anything in their hands; they are the best mystical performers. They make God, they make the hypothesis of creation, they make everything — and nothing is there in their grasp. Be that as it may they are shrewd craftsmans of words: they join words together so that they give you a sentiment of substance  and nothing is there.

What’s more, the third one was a religious man, a man of confidence, petition, commitment. What’s more, the general population who were hunting down these three men more likely than not been astute, in light of the fact that they had discovered three. These three speak to the three elements of cognizance. These are the main potential outcomes: a man of science, a man of reasoning and a man of religion these are the premise. A man of science is worried about tests: except if something is demonstrated through test, it isn’t demonstrated. He is experimental, test; his fact is reality of trial.

A man of reasoning is a man of rationale, not of tests. Investigation isn’t the inquiry; just through rationale he demonstrates, negates. He is an unadulterated man, cleaner than the researcher, in light of the fact that the researcher needs to get tests, at that point the research center comes in. A man of theory works without a lab — just in the mind, with rationale, with science. His entire lab is in his psyche. He can demonstrate and refute simply through legitimate contentions. He can unravel any puzzle or he can make any sort of question.

What’s more, the third is the religious measurement. This man does not take a gander at life as an issue. Life isn’t an issue for a religious man. It is not something to be comprehended, it is something to be lived. The religious man is the man of involvement, the researcher is the man of analysis, the savant is the man of  considering. The religious is the man of involvement, he looks at life as something to be lived. On the off chance that there is any arrangement, it will come through understanding, it will come through living. Nothing can be chosen heretofore through rationale, since life is more prominent than rationale. Rationale is only an air pocket  in the immense sea of life, so it can’t clarify all. Furthermore, analyses should be possible just when you are withdrawn,
analyses should be possible just with articles.

Life isn’t an article, it is the very center of subjectivity. When you analyze you are extraordinary; when you live  you are one. So the religious man says, “Except if you are  one with life, you can never know it.” How would you be able to know it all things considered? You may go about and about, around and around, yet you will never hit the objective. So neither trial, nor considering, however experience; straightforward,  trusting  a man of confidence.

They sought and they found these three men, and afterward they were called to the capital for the last judgment. The ruler stated, “For three days you rest and prepare. On the morning of the fourth day will be the examination, the last. One of you will be picked and he will turn into my PM  the person who is demonstrated to be the
generally insightful.”

They began working in their own particular manners. Three days were insufficient! The researcher needed to consider numerous investigations, and work it out  who realizes what kind of  examination there will be? So he couldn’t rest for three days, there was no time: and there was his entire life to rest once he was picked, so why trouble about rest? He would not rest, he would not eat there was not time enough, and numerous things were to be done before the examination.

The rationalist began considering, numerous issues were to be explained: “Who comprehends what kind of issue is going to be asked?” Only the religious man was quiet. He ate, furthermore, ate well. Just a religious man can eat well, in light of the fact that eating is an offering, it is something holy. He rested well. He would ask, sit outside, take a walk, take a gander at the trees, and be appreciative to God; in light of the fact that for a religious man there is no future and there is no last examination.

Each minute is the examination, so by what means can you get ready for it? In the event that something is later on you can get ready; yet in the event that something is at this moment, here, by what means can you plan for it? You need to confront it. What’s more, there was no future. Here and there the researcher stated, “What’s happening with you? Sitting idle eating, resting, petition. You can do your petitions later on.” But he would snicker and he would not contend, he was not a man of contention.

The rationalist would state, “You continue resting, you go on sitting outside in the patio nursery, you continue taking a gander at the trees. This won’t help. Examination isn’t a drop in the bucket, you must be prepared for it.” But he would giggle. He trusted more in giggling than in rationale. What’s more, on the morning of the fourth day, when they began for the castle for the last examination, the researcher was not even in a situation to walk. He was so drained with his tests, as though his entire life had overflowed out. He was dead worn out, as though any minute he would fall and go to rest. His eyes were lethargic and his brain was grieved.

He was practically insane. What’s more, the scholar? He was not so worn out, yet he was more unsure than any time in recent memory, since he had thought and thought and contended and contended, and no contention can become the end. He was jumbled, wrecked, he was a tumult. The day he had arrived he could have addressed numerous things, however at this point, no. Indeed, even his certain answers had turned out to be dubious. The more you think, the more rationality winds up pointless. No one but tricks can accept in convictions. The more you think, the more knowledge comes to you, you can see these are on the whole just words, there is no substance. Commonly he needed to return since this was not going to be of any utilization. He was definitely not in the correct shape. Be that as it may, the researcher stated, “Please! Let us attempt. What are we going to lose? In the event that we win, it is alright.

In the event that we don’t win, it is alright. In any case, let us attempt. Try not to be so debilitated.” Just the religious man was strolling cheerfully, singing. He could hear the flying creatures in the trees, he could see the sun rising, he could see the sunrays on the dewdrops. The entire life was such a marvel. He was not stressed  since there was no examination  he would go and face the thing, he would basically take a quick trip and see what occurs. Also, he was not requesting anything, he was most certainly not expecting, he was new, youthful, alive —and that’s it in a nutshell.

That is the means by which one should approach God; not with readymade equations, not with readymade hypotheses, not with numerous test look into works, not with numerous PhD’s. No, it won’t help. This is the way one ought to go singing and moving to the sanctuary. What’s more, if you are alive, at that point at all comes you can react to it, since reaction is through life, it is through the heart, and the heart is prepared when it is singing, when it is moving.

They arrived. The sovereign had made an exceptionally uncommon gadget. They were taken into a room where he had fixed a lock, a scientific riddle. Numerous figures were on the lock, yet there was no key. Those figures were to be fixed with a specific goal in mind: the mystery was there, yet one had to look for it and discover it. In the event that those figures were fixed in a specific way the entryway would open. The ruler took them in and stated, “This is a scientific riddle, one of the best at any point known. Presently you need to discover the piece of information there is no key. In the event that you can discover the piece of information, the appropriate response to this numerical issue, the lock will open. Furthermore, the individual who leaves this room first will be picked. So now begin.” He shut the entryway and went out.

Quickly the researcher began working out numerous tests, numerous things, numerous issues on paper. He
looked watched the figures on the lock. There was no time to lose, it was an issue of life and demise. The logician shut his eyes, began thinking in numerical terms what to do, how this riddle can be settled. The riddle was completely new.

That is the issue with the psyche: if something is old the appropriate response can be found, however on the off chance that something is completely new, how might you work it out through the psyche? The mind is very proficient with the old, the known, the schedule. Psyche is completely wasteful when the obscure faces it.

The religious man never went to the lock, since what would he be able to do? He doesn’t know any arithmetic, he does not know any test science. What would he be able to do? He just sat in a corner. He sang a bit, appealed to God, shut his eyes. Those two others were believing that he isn’t a contender by any stretch of the imagination. “In a manner it is great, in light of the fact that the thing must be chosen us two.” Then all of a sudden they ended up mindful that he had left the room, he was not there. The entryway was open.

The sovereign came in and he stated, “What’s happening with you presently? It is done. The third man is out.” In any case, they asked, “How?… since he never did anything.” So they asked the religious man. He stated, “I was simply sitting. I supplicated and I was simply sitting and a voice said inside me, ‘You trick. Simply take a brief trip and see. The entryway isn’t bolted.’ And I just went to the entryway; it was not bolted.

There was no issue at all to be unraveled, so I went out.” Life isn’t an issue. On the off chance that you are attempting to tackle it you will miss it. The entryway is open, it has never been bolted. On the off chance that the entryway was bolted, at that point researchers would discover the arrangement. On the off chance that the entryway was bolted, at that point scholars may discover a framework to open it. Yet, the entryway isn’t bolted, so no one but confidence can go with no arrangement, with no readymade answer. Push the entryway open and get out. Life isn’t a conundrum to be settled, it is a riddle to be lived. It is a profound riddle, so trust and enable yourself to go into it. No discussion can be of any assistance with another person, or with yourself inside the psyche no banter. All discussions are useless and idiotic.