Men are like cloths in the hands of women

When i was a child, i studied the relationship between the man and the female gender, when a boy start loving a girl and the girl notice the boy is academically sound, the girl will play along using the boy to learn all is difficult subjects,once they finish their primary school, the boy agree with the girl to attend the same college, the girl secretly choose Another school because of her flair for adventures, the boy only realize during resumption that his first love is no where to be found, after waiting for weeks, he gets report that the girl now attend another college, his then faced with the reality that all he felt for the girl was a waste..Time to start all over again because boyz dont learn. The girl on the other hand, makes new friends in her new school, obtain another guy, use him to climb the academic ladder of success, once they finish junior school(grade9) the boy proceed to science, commercial or art class, at this point, the bridge divides, they go in differnt directions, the boy hopes to continue the relationship despite the class differences,only to realize that he his no longer relevant like before,at this point, the girl has obtain another new catch on the basis of her beauty,she use the new boy as far as her graduation point at the secondary college,after this, the boy expires, she moves on to the university, at the first year, she catches another prey,the boy pays for her hair, cream, cloths and many more, she obtain a second who takes care of assignmnets and accademics, after the first year, she now realises that she now understand the university system,at this point, she picks and drop boyz as she pleases until she graduates..she goes for NYSC and obtain another guy at this point to catch fun with for about a year, once these is over, she drops the guy, now its time to face her career, at the job point, she dates the manager or her boss and once she discovers she got the job, she start to pray that God gives her a husband, what happened to those from primary till this point? Men are like lip stick to a woman which they put in the morning and wash away in the evening, like a cloth out of fashion, its my opinion but if u think am wrong text +2347034488127 to prove me wrong. You can like or comment this post..its me Mr Reality aka Duninho aka you all