Mercy Corps teaches community how to identify security threats, violent extremists


The Community Initiatives to Promote Peace, a program of Mercy Corps Nigeria has flagged off its Parenting for Peace Training in rural communities to equip parents and youth leaders with tools to identify threats of insecurity.

This is as the charity identified the huge gap between the government and rural communities as the major factor responsible for the increasing cases of kidnappings and violent extremism in Nigeria.

Speaking during the program, the Deputy Chief of Party, Mercy Corps, Sani Sulaiman, said, unless government turns its attention on the conditions of the rural communities, cases of kidnapping and banditry would be hard to stop.

The program which attracted over 40 different religious groups and NGOs in Kano State on Wednesday is an effort to bridge the divide between government and the people.

Mercy Corps’, Sani Sulaiman while addressing the gathering said government’s neglect of rural communities has resulted in violence and threat to peace.

The Corps said the training workshop for Interreligious experts and facilitators is to teach them how to identify high-risk environments and pick out signs of radicalisation.

Sani Sulaiman said the Corps utilizes a comprehensive approach to ensure that stakeholders at community levels are adequately equipped to prevent violence.

“Don’t forget that our mission is seeking to improve the local community ability to address violent extremists recruitment tactics and improve local capacity and skills in managing disputes.”

“In this context, we are training women to improve their capacity to prevent and resolve conflicts and increase collaboration among Communities with government agencies, CSOs, and local leaders to address root causes of conflicts and develop stronger and more sustainable early warning and early warning Mechanism”.

“We are right now in Benue, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Logo and Plateau States and we are supported by USAID,” he added


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