Nigerian Government Disgraced Themselves Again -Uses A Russian Company Property As [email protected] Logo



This is so shameful and embarrassing..

President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday the 16th September 2020,  unveiled the [email protected] logo and theme for the country’s Diamond Jubilee celebration on October 1st.

But it was later discovered that the logo was first designed and unveiled by a Russian diamond mining companyAlrosa, in 2017. It was published on Forbes edition of August 3, 2017 with the headline: “Russian Mining Giant Unveils 51-Carat ‘Dynasty’ Diamond.”

It was reported that Alrosa unveiled the exact logo, describing it as a collection of five diamonds produced at its cutting and polishing facilities.

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It is obvious that President Muhammadu Buhari administration, is a government of plagiarism. No genuine ideas at all! They copy almost anything and everything. Same way they copied their NEXT LEVEL campaign slogan and logo from Winthrop University-School Partnership Network in 2018.

Sadly, they have never copied any good thing. They always go for something that will embarrass the whole country. SMH

Why not look for a professional graphics designer that will design a unique logo for the [email protected] Jubilee. Besides, what are we celebrating independent for? Independent from what exactly? Anyways, let me not dive into that for now.

This is so embarrassing. This present government keep disgracing us internationally always. NAWAO!

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