Paris Saint-German Vs. Manchester United: Full match statistics


Paris Saint-Germain lost at home (Parce des Princes) to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side on Tuesday Night.

United impressed against the French side just like they did away at Newcastle United at the weekend.

PSG could not escape defeat despite Thomas Tuchel (PSG boss) managerial antics ahead of the game.

The likes of former Manchester United Angel Di-Maria, Kylian Mbappe and Moise Kean could not find the net as they started their UEFA

Champions League campaign on a poor note.

Following PSG’s loss to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side, DAILY POST evaluates the interesting features and statistics from the encounter.

Full statistics

Shots on target

4(Paris Saint- Germain) (Manchester United)5 Manchester United showed their “United” charisma against PSG as they hit the post on 4 occasions.

The Red Devils dominated on the shot ratio though PSG gave United their own test in the match.

But the visitors prevailed on the night thanks to Marcus Rashford’s winner away from home.

Shots off target

6(Paris Saint- Germain) (Manchester United)5 Manchester United will make do some shots off target in the Champions League duel.

PSG recorded 6 shots off target on their own as they missed a couple of scoring chances when they fired wide off the United’s goal.

It was PSG’s weakness as they fall short just they did in the attacking third against Bayern Munich in last season finale.


58(Paris Saint- Germain) (Manchester United)42 Manchester United was bossed though in the midfield as the likes of Ander Herrera and Marquinhos made their mark in the match.

But it was the Red Devils that secured the win not minding the loss possession they had in the match.

The French side dominated with 58% of the ball possession as compared to Manchester United 42% of the ball possession on Tuesday night.


11(Paris Saint-Germain) (Manchester United) 8

Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain produced a magnificent night of football as they cumulated 11+8 = 19 corner-kicks in the games.

PSG’s attacking interest ensured that they generate more corner-kicks then eventual winners Manchester United.


4(Paris Saint- Germain) (Manchester United)2

Both sides endured a frenetic encounter as both managers tried to influence the game on the pitch.

The team organization ensured that 3+2-5 Offsides was dished out from the match official.

Paris Saint-Germain had 3 Offsides while the Red Devils recorded 2 Offside in the contest.


8(Paris Saint- Germain) (Manchester United)15

Both teams competed effectively on the pitch and this competition constituted 15+8-23 fouls in the game.

Manchester United committed 15 fouls in the tie while Paris Saint- Germain cumulated 8 fouls.

This was a result of PSG dominant display to an extent as the Red Devils aimed to retrieve the ball with the keen interest to win the game as they did in the tie.

Yellow Cards

3 (Paris Saint- Germain) (Manchester United) 2

The centre referee booked five players on the big occasion. With a couple of physical challenges taken place on the match, it was in to

surprise as to the bookings that were issued out on both teams.

PSG French side was booked thrice in the match as compared to Manchester United 2 bookings in the entire game.


7 (Paris Saint- Germain) (Manchester United) 10

The competitive nature of the match between PSG and United on Tuesday night ensured there were goal kicks at both ends of the pitch.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side cumulated 10 goal-kicks while Thomas Tuchel’s side had 7 goal-kicks in the match.

In the end, it was the Red Devils that smiled home with the three points as they defeated PSG 1-2 thanks to Marcus Rashford’s 87th minutes’ winner on the occasion.


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