Politics killing Kogi State instead of moulding it – Former Deputy Governor, Iyaji


A former Deputy Governor in the old Benue State, Alhaji Sule Iyaji, has said that the brand of politics in Kogi State is wrapped in a huge security risk he has never seen in 43 years of his political career.

The politician stated this while contributing to the discourse to chat a new way of addressing the need for peace, security and unity in Igala-Bassa land in Kogi East Senatorial district.

The event was organised by Igala-Bassa Relief Development initiative which held at Grand Ibro Hotel, Abuja till late Tuesday.

He pointed out that political participation can thrive in an atmosphere of peace, security and unity which will eventually attract mass followership.

Sule Iyaji argued that the ugly development of party politics has returned the people of Kogi East to, “abject poverty, underdevelopment, lack of basic social amenities, obsolete and ineffective health care services.”

He lamented how the untimely death of some prominent citizens, who were bread winners and opinion moulders would have been avoided if Kogi politics wasn’t that dangerous.

“I wondered how economic, social and other developmental facilities will find its way into our land, in the face of this negative indices.

“All in the name of politics, we no longer keep our friends, relations, brothers and sisters, only to be throwing stones and guns at each other’s roofs. What kind of politics is that?

“If this trend does not change in the next few years, there is going to be total emasculation, annihilation and extermination of Igala-Bassa race, and our children and children yet unborn will not be better for it.”

He bemoaned the activities of the Igala-Bassa nation, all in the name of political participation, saying the best political environment is to embrace the spirit of give and take.

“We all know that it is through politics that genuine development can be attained, then why have we turned the same platform to a war front.

Ahead of 2023, he noted that the destiny of the zone and by extension Kogi State is in the hands of the people.


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