Regina Daniels’ Father Never Married Her Mother, Has No Right To Demand Bride Price

The unexpected appearance of Regina Daniels’ natural dad endeavored to cast a scourge on the youthful lady’s day yesterday and was a wellspring of extraordinary stress for Regina’s mom.

Be that as it may, family sources state Mr Jude Ojeogwu has no option to look for a lady of the hour cost since he never paid Rita Daniels’ lady of the hour cost.

Ms Rita Daniels was purportedly concerned when the dad of her children freely responded to his little girl’s wedding and said his assent was not looked for by the a lot more established very rich person groom, Ned Nwoko.

In various voice notes making the rounds on the web, Mr Ojeogwu asserted his little girl was conceived in 2001 and will turn 18 in October.

He additionally asserted government official Ned Nwoko is more seasoned than 59.

He said he knows this since he and Mr Nwoko grew up together. He included that it wasn’t right for them to go over his head and get hitched to his little girl

The different meetings conceded by Mr Jude Ojeogwu were upsetting for the lady of the hour’s mom Ms Rita Daniels and she apparently terrified, a source near the circumstance uncovered.

Ms Rita Daniels later disclosed to her companions after yesterday’s service that she plans to take off to her new child in-law’s home in Abuja to “chill” and may make a beeline for Dubai from that point

Companions of Ms Rita Daniels additionally indicated that Mr Ojeogwu has no option to guarantee certain duty now since he never paid Ms Daniels’ lady cost

The source stated, “a man who removed 4 kids from one lady without paying a dime as lady of the hour cost ought not be discussing lady of the hour value not to mention getting one.”