Relationship Formulars

Relationship is fun if their is true love and understanding, above all effective communication. Often times both partners get too used to each other’s that they go ahead to do things without informing their lover, only to find themselves in hot waters later and wishing they need did.

Hence, we need to know the following things,
  1. Know that a woman will give you all her best only if she gets protected by you.
  2. All women like to be pet even when they are wrong
  3. What ever you give your wife is what she gives to you and your kids in 100 fold, so, give here love and care, you will see her translat it to the children. Your children will be so loving and caring both at home and outside, why? Because women are incubators, what ever you give them, they multiplies it’s for you. Give her pains, sorrow and hardship and she will welcome you to hell.
  4. 70% of ladies wants a man like there father, a guy who possesses all the qualities of her father because that was what she grew up to understand.
  5. Dont be too tired to listen to your wife Whenever she wants to speak to you, else, she turns sadist out of frustration 
  6. Be sensitive to new innovation and inventions made by the woman in your home else, she get discouraged.
  7. Always put a kiss in her forehead morning, afternoon and night, because it’s supernatural password to her endless best for you

Finally, always appreciate her and praise her for everything she does and you will discover she is the best thing that ever happen to you. Angels when happy and devils when sad. So please make your woman an angel.
FOR THE LADIES                                                                                   

  • Every man wants to be fully respected by their woman, so don’t be too educated and exposed to loose respect for your man or you will just loose him
  • All men hates nagging woman so stop it if you do
  • Be creative in your cookings and cook it on time, never let your man eat late and serve well dressed food to him, don’t conjour combinations unnecessarily and present it as if it was a sacrifice ment for some gods.
  • Men hates women who pick on them at every fault.
  • Don’t be too expensive to be controlled as men prefers good managers
  • Fail not in  your bed room role
  • Alway pray for your man
  • Dress attractive always
  • Always rub your hands on your man’s head once you are together because it’s a way of rebooting the man’s crashing network. 
I beg you all to always practice these in your marriage/relation and it will become heaven on earth. If you like these blog, please re-share and tag all your friends. If you have critical issues too hot to handle,feel free to call/text
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