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    Date: 25th February 2020, 7:55 pm
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Reminder Of The Consiquences Of Breaking Hotfrom9ja Comment Rules

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Good Morning To You All.

It has become imperative to remind everyone of our COMMENT RULES.

I’m sure that lots of you will still not read this post before jumping to the comment box to break the rules as usual, nothwithstanding that, our responsibility is to write and not to force you to read.

We have noticed a lot of our members making irrelevant comments on our posts and I’m here to let you know the consequences of such actions.

We have continously sounded this warning so that you won’t have issues when it’s time to withdraw your activity earnings and for heaven and earth to stand as witness against you the day you will call Hotfrom9ja a scam for refusing to pay you earnings you accumulated through silly comments.

On the day of withdrawal Hotfrom9ja will trash all the earnings you accumulated through one, two, three words comments.

To further buttress this point, comments like:







Very very good

This is awesome



Thanks for the information

etc. are highly unacceptable on Hotfrom9ja!

If you see a post and you don’t know what to comment, for heaven’s sake, don’t comment at all.

Do not make  double comment on post as earnings generated with multiple comments are not paid.

Make sure to share our sponsored posts accordingly,that is also very important.

Thank You!

We ❤ Love You!