Rita Daniels Says Her Daughter Regina Daniels Is A Lucky Child

Rita Daniel is the mother of adolescent on-screen character, Regina. For a long time Rita’s face graced numerous films produced of Nollywood.

Enthusiastic, elegant and precise, Rita Daniel has changed from being an on-screen character to a government official, a business person and guide.

The mother of four has had the option to sustain one of her children into turning into a rising motion picture star. In this meeting, Daniels offers discusses her conjugal status, her youngster Regina and that’s just the beginning… .


Aside acting, what else do you do? 

I am a bustling lady. I am into such a significant number of things. In the first place, I am the administrator of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Delta state section, (AGN). I am a legislator; by and by, the dominant part pioneer and instructor, Aniocha South Local Government Area. I hail from Ogwashi-Ukwu town.

I am likewise the overseeing chief of Last Point Resort; the CEO Regina Daniels Children Foundation; the CEO, Chris Daniel Nigeria Limited; an officer in Director Guild of Nigeria; and a maker.

Individuals feel you pushed your little girl into acting due to cash and that you need her to take after you an entertainer?

Not by any means; no one makes one a star. It’s just God that has the ability to lift from no one to someone. Indeed, I am a decent on-screen character who is additionally skilled.

Be that as it may, my little girl began when at seven years old. She cherished watching motion pictures and acting at home. Despite the fact that I didn’t enable her to watch Nigerian motion pictures in view of her age, she tailed me to areas and made companions with a great deal of entertainers and on-screen characters.

Whenever she saw little kids on areas, she would beseech me to permit her be a piece of the cast however I would can’t. She continued irritating me until one day, I enabled her to demonstration in a film.

She was glad. She began rehearsing at home. Everything my little girl thinks about acting I educated her. I urged her not to be anxious and she tuned in to me. She began as low as N5,000. Despite everything she represents allowed to date on the off chance that I need her to demonstration. She is modest and exceptionally dutiful.

How frequently does she get motion picture job? 

She is a fortunate tyke. She is dependably on set. I simply say thanks to God for everything. When she is finishing up a specific motion picture, they are calling her for another. It got to a point that I needed to beg a portion of her executives and makers to permit her focus on her investigations. If not, there is no week that she won’t be on set.

Has your VIP status denied you of anything throughout everyday life? 

I trust it is a typical thing for you not to be wherever as a star. In any case, I am not aware of that. I have a business I run. Along these lines, regardless I go to the market to open spots like each other individual. I am not influenced by superstar status. In the event that you don’t go out by what method will you meet individuals? Notwithstanding when my fans are shouting, ‘Mother Regina! Mom Regina! Mother Regina!’, I will simply grin and hail them back and proceed with what I am doing. I am a legislator and I am utilized to swarm.

In any case, ex-President Goodluck Jonathan supposedly gave a credit to the AGN. The end result for the cash? 

(Giggles) I didn’t see one naira goodness! I don’t have the foggiest idea who handled and gathered the cash. In the event that the cash was discharged, I don’t have the foggiest idea. On the off chance that they didn’t discharge it, I don’t have the foggiest idea. The general population, who should give us data, discussing the administration of AGN, did not reveal to us anything. Indeed, even the first $200 million, nothing was known about it. What am I searching for is hectares of land for the Film Village and a standard office for the organization so entertainers and on-screen characters can have a spot to share thoughts and plan for what’s to come.

What is your view about Nollywood?

How about we put it thusly, utilizing the contention of old and new Nollywood, the side of the fence that I remain on is that for each industry, new players would come and keeping in mind that they would even be considered as new players is on the grounds that they are carrying an incentive to the new age. Those that view themselves as the new Nollywood give them an additional 20 years and they will end up being the old Nollywood and that is the cycle of life. The new players should dependably include esteem. Nollywood is quick going into termination and supplanted with New Nollywood of remarkable foulness and misuses.

Is it accurate to say that you are hitched or a single parent? 

For the time being, just two of them are in Nollywood. Yet, one is an artist while others are still in school.

What number of films have you done as such far? 

I have done as such numerous films I have even lost tally. What I do for the most part is creating the vast majority of the motion pictures my little girl, Regina, acts in.

Did you enjoy a reprieve from the motion picture industry? 

I didn’t enjoy a reprieve from the motion picture industry. You recognize what is happening in the business. They will in general disappoint the more established ones and that is the reason, on the off chance that you investigate a portion of the motion pictures, many individuals have veered off into a ton of things. I will at present be in the film world till I inhale the final gasp.

I am a glad mother of four kids and my youngsters are everything to me. I would rather not talk about my family out in the open. Would you be able to ask me another inquiry?