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    Date: 28th January 2020, 6:03 am
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Shocking: singer May D seen driving an uber in sweden


We are exceptionally glad for Mr. May D since he is a genuine man! A genuine man is somebody who can do anything for his family; An enthusiastic fan was amazingly eager to have been driven by the previous music star who presently drives a Uber in Sweden.

The fan couldn’t accept his karma when the vehicle showed up and the driver ended up being Mr. May D. The fan ensured he made a video an a proof to use in gloating to his companions. You can see the video underneath:

Mr. MayD has had the option to defeat the superstar and notoriety status to guarantee he does any and everything legitimately conceivable to accommodate his family, this is something to be pleased with. Numerous individuals in his position would most likely be discouraged or resort to a few criminal operations to attempt to endure, yet Mr. May D is making the best decision here.

Watch video here

Shocking! Nigerian HipHop Star, Mr. May D Spotted Driving Uber Taxi In Sweden To Feed His Family (Video)