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    Date: 22nd January 2020, 12:45 am
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Something Must Kill a Man [Episode 1]


Aféni – a bossom amigo of mine ‘ll constantly says, “something must kill a man”. This maxim of his appears problem even outside my ability to grasp and each scholarly’s on our road. ‘Til a singing summer Sunday evening, immediately from chapel gathering. At that point my midget like NoKia telephone slammed. ‘grum… grum… grum’. I at that point chose from my vogue pants stash trusting it was a call from a long time companion of mine who sat down to talk with me, on the web. With an extraordinary interest, I took a look at the screen. Out of the blue, it was Laide; my sweetheart. ‘Mtcheeew’.

 I murmured, as though a snake before I got the call.

‘Hi. How’re you?’ I inquired.

‘I’m great, and you?’. She answered.

‘Same here dear. Upbeat Sunday’. I wished her.

‘Same wishes dear. I’ll visit you today, you know

it’s been long I needed to do be that as it may, it appears I’m fortunate today. Expectation you approve of that?’ She inquired.

All of a sudden, my state of mind transformed and I progressed toward becoming hypertensive and a stammerer. ‘O… o… o… o… k… k… No… qua… lms. Stretch out my respects to your folks and your more youthful ones’. I answered with a debilitated voice.

A short time later, the telephone discussion among I and Laide came to end. At that point I restored my telephone to its last mentioned position(pocket).

On my way heading home, my psyche was wavery being the way that my dad; a ‘simple man’, a taskmaster and who happened to be a resigned power (police), could never need to see women around me.

While I was on this idea, I at that point flashed back

***An momentous day, when my senior sibling; Ìdòwøn, accompanied his sweetheart to our house was an extraordinary day. I Couldn’t caused yet to chuckled, when my dad made a beeline for the ace space to get his sharp cutlass. Brother Ìdòwøn, his sweetheart and I were still In the living room talking, at that point, I and brother Ìdòwøn looked same time at my dad holding a cutlass. Prior to I turned my face in reverse, brother Ìdòwøn and his sweetheart have took to their slopes.

‘Gosh! What the heck is with me?I should have decapitate them two, yet tepidness held my hands. You’re fortunate!’. My dad shouted.

‘Father! Who did you need to decapitate with this twinkling sharp cutlass?’ I asked with interest. ‘Your sibling obviously!’. He answered.

‘My sibling? Why father?!’ I inquired.

‘You need to know why? Alright. I’ll disclose to you why I go get my cutlass as a result of Ìdòwøn. How frequently will I let him know not to partner or affinity with the inverse sexual orientation? However, he swung hard of hearing to my rules and regulations. He must be managed. What an obstinate being he is!’.

My dad divulged. ‘I’m sorry father’. I argued for the benefit of my sibling – Ìdòwøn.

‘It’s alright’. My dad agreed to my request with serenity.

To be proceeded…

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