Something Must Kill a Man [Episode 2]

***’ìsòlá! Ìsòlá!! Ìsòlá!!!… ‘ My oldest sister – Jíbólá resounded my organic name yet tragically, my psyche has flew. ‘Til my lil brother – Ayó got to my side was yet obscure to me. He at that point tapped me on my shoulder. I was truly stunned, when he tapped me. ‘Expectation all is alright brother Ìsòlá?’ He asked with shock.

‘Beyond any doubt! 100%’. I answered him. ‘Beyond any doubt? Furthermore, you were here when enormous sister was calling you? Be that as it may, it appeared you were not in your right… ‘ ‘Right what? My correct sense, isn’t that so? You are such a senseless kid, Ayó!’. I answered my lil brother with rage.

‘I’m heartbroken, huge brother’. Ayó argued. After the discussion with my lil brother – Ayó. At that point, I made a beeline for my space to drop my book of scriptures just as my Sunday school manual, as I got inside the room I seen a few changes, each niche and crevice of the room was being orchestrated heedlessly; chaotic.

‘Goodness my God! What’s this waste? However, I didn’t left the room like this before I left for chapel at the beginning of today. It must be Ayó’. With wonder, I soliloquized.

‘Ayó, Report!’. I called him with power. ‘Sir! I’ll be with you in a jiffy’. He addressed me from an disconnected niche of the home.

‘I’m here,big brother’. He revealed right away. ‘Who went to my room and dissipated everything that is there, without my request?’. With a glare, I asked with outrage. ‘I was the culprit,bro Ìsòlá’. He replied. ‘Goodness, I see! Who the hellfire give you the authority to crawled into my room?’. I inquired.

‘N… o… o… ne, b… ro’. He replied with fear. ‘Get lost, and discover a solution for this rubbish. You goddamn bastard!’. I directed.

‘ Ìsòlá, did you realize the incongruity in utilizing that express, SON OF A BITCH? Huge to no end fella!’. He remained to my face, and answered with a despise.

‘Whatever!’. I replied. ‘Alright. Don’t worry about it. I’ll tell about your cruel and negative words on me to father and mother, when they come back from church’. He said. ‘Pls, do!’. I answered him.

As we keep trading awful words with raucous sounds, at that point our oldest – Sis Jíbólá broke into the conflict progressing between both of us(I ‘nd Ayó). She at that point turned to me, and keep down-pouring judgment on me. ‘Shiioor! For what reason wouldn’t you be able to for once bring your sense back home? You were caught up with trading terrible words with your more youthful sibling, here. It’s a pity! I slept some place around here since you’ve begun this horse crap. Also, to you – Ayó. I would prefer not to see you here before I open my eyes(shutting her eyes)’. She said.

‘Enormous sister, you’re inclination in your judgmental presumption. Why will you put every one of the faults on me? In any case, isn’t your issue however… ‘

She broke into my articulation. ‘Yet, what?’ She inquired.

‘It’s okay,sis. Relinquish it’. I answered her. After all the turmoil. I at that point left for my companion’s habitation – Aféni, negligible to escape the scene and memory from my cerebrum. Without changing the dresses on me.