Sorry Generation

It is a pity that those you protect are the ones opening you up to uncontrolled attack.  This remind me of a sad story of love which I wish to share with you. Our generation is so wicked and Carlos. Their was a guy by name Wasiu and his girlfriend Charity.  Wasiu was a Muslim while charity was a Christian but they both didn’t allow their religious differences stop their love. Based on what we know of the two of them, their love was the best and talk of the town then. Little did we know that Charity has been the one paying Wasiu school fee and also paying his house rent. Well, no big deal because they were both lovers. They dated although their campus days and they went for the National Youth Service though at different state.

Wasiu was posted to Benue while charity was posted to Jos Plateau State, during their service year, Charity was always visiting her boyfriend despite the distance.

There was a period when she paid Wasiu a visit as usual, little did she know that Wasiu had a wicked plan, they slept early that night and while charity was deep asleep, Wasiu opened the door for another guy who sneaked in, of cause there was no light. Wasiu made funny move to charity as usual and charity responded from sleep and after awhile Wasiu stood up and his friend turned charity to her back and started making love with her.

Charity taught it was Wasiu making love to her from behind. Before day break, the guy has already sneaked out. After 2 days, Charity travelled back to her place of primary assignment. On her way, charity had an accident and it was God who rescued her life, she called Wasiu and informed him about what happened to her. Wasiu wasn’t human enough to go visit charity, he complained of been busy, charity spent a month in the hospital.

Two days After she was discharged, Charity got a text from Wasiu that the relationship was over and that she was a dog. In the text he said that charity was stupid not to have known that it was two different people that make love with her during her visit. Charity still did not mind what Wasiu did to her but was still begging if she had done anything wrong that she ask for forgiveness.
Wasiu won’t listen and when on to dump her. After all her money, time and risk of life, Wasiu wasted her time and dumped her at the end.

If you are in charity’s shoes, what will you do?