Sorry Relationship

Cynthia and Jeff were both 100 level students at the Federal University In Nigeria, they both profess love to one another, their relationship was amazing and many guys wished theirs was just like that. You can never see Jeff without Cynthia both during classes or during Night prep.

Story has it that Cynthia was a virgin and Jeff vowed not to dis virgin her until they are married, both of them looked promising and Jeff kept his word. Three years on, they were in 300 level and everything look the same and both lovers looked inseparable, at this point, the two of them have already involved their parents and Cynthia’s  family has already endorsed their relationship after finding out that Jeff has not slept with their daughter. Just few days before the end of the semester, the devil stroked.

A notorious cultist boy has been pressuring Cynthia for a relationship from their part one and of course Jeff was aware but told Cynthia to pay deaf ears.

The cult guy ordered his fellow cultists to go bring Cynthia forcefully, he then make love with Cynthia with four other guys, Cynthia returned to Jeff with the news and her virginity gone. Jeff was mad and vowed to revenge. He decided to join another group of cult in the bid to avenge his babes.

After his initiation, he told the group leader of his intention and asked for full backings of his colleagues, they agreed and it was a blood battle, of course he got what he wanted as his group successful murdered the five guys involved in the rape act but he was also expelled out of the university and had to be on the run for fear of been cut by the police.

Lesson: Unforgiveness  destroys, forgiveness is for the strong and not the weak.