The woman with a heart of Gold Found

Richy met Joy when they were at the polytechnic down western Nigeria. Joy came from a family of 8, 6 girls and 2 boys.  Joy was never appreciated by her family because she wasn’t the party type, crude and unexposed. She would rather stay home cleaning and washing. If you visit their home, you will think she was the house help.

After 4 years of staying at home after secondary school,  she got admission into the polytechnic where she met Richy. They were both course mate and joy like Richy because he was academically serious. Soon, a relationship started and their love wax stronger daily and surprisingly, they both were the best students of their department.

Joy turned down several offers from men who wanted her in bed in exchange for money. She kept herself only for Richy. Richy came from a humble background too but he didn’t let his background put his back to the ground.

After their national diploma, they proceeded to the university, though this time, they were admitted into different departments, their love was unaffected.
In their fourth year in school, Richy got very sick and needed money for treatment,  Joy gave up her school fee for Richie treatment, and because of that, they both missed that session. It was then Richy realise that joy won’t stop at anything to make him happy.

When the resumed the following semester,  tragedy stroked. The was a cult Leader who wanted joy at all cost, that faithful day, she was coming from a night class and was attacked by some guys, The cult guy make love with Joy that night, but surprisingly,  she had been a virgin all this while.

When Richy discovered that joys virginity was gone and under the circumstance it was lost. He got angry and swear to kill the cult Leader at all cost. He was left with no choice but to join another cult group who promised him vengeance.

During their convocation ceremony,  Richy final got his opportunity. He killed the guy who took his girlfriend virginity. The occasion scattered before it could end, Richy was arrested for murder and was charged to cult. He was sent to 25 years imprisonment in 2001. But has mercy will have it way, RICHY was released during the visit of the late president Umar Musa Ya’adua in 2007.

Shockingly, Joy never married and she promised never to marry until his love is released.
What a great live unusual,  they got married 2010 and relocated to Burkina Faso since then.

The story was written by
Ann Aka Nikki, the beautiful and irreplaceable angel who was created on a Sunday.  Hot and adorable.