Tricycle operator hospitalized after lone accident, may lose one eye


A commercial tricycle operator has been hospitalized following an accident along the Osubi/Eku road in Delta State.

He was immediately taken to a nearby hospital in Osubi by sympathizers this afternoon.

Our Correspondent who was at the scene of incident reports that the commercial tricycle operator was on high speed heading towards Osubi axis when the front tyre of the tricycle got punctured and he rammed into a Toyota Siena car parked along the road leaving his windscreen shattered.

The shattered screen gave him a very deep cut in his right eyes, leaving it swollen and bleeding

It took the intervention of the sympathizers from other vehicles as well as road users to get him to the hospital.

At the time of this report, the owner of the Toyota Siena cark which the tricycle operator rammed into and dented did not appear.


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